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Class XI Studying: Two Year Comprehensive Joint Package Plus (CJP+) for NEET (2022)

: 13 May, 2020
: 31 Mar, 2022

Course Structure for 2 Years

Note: The Unit Test (UT) and Full Syllabus Test (FST) is of Comprehensive Test Package (CTP) course

Products Medium Books Test Mode of Test
CSP English 42 21 Online +Postal(HA)
AIATS English N/A 24 Online/Offline
Question Bank  English 1 N/A N/A

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Comprehensive Study Package (CSP)

Year Syllabus 1st Year(Class XI) 2nd Year(Class XII)
Study Material* Yes Yes
No. of Books* 22 20
Medium of Books English English
No. of Tests* 9(6 Unit Test + 1 Full Syllabus Test + 2 Subjective Test) 12 (6 Unit Test + 2 Full Syllabus Test + 4 Subjective Test)

All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS)

Year Syllabus 1st Year(Class XI) 2nd Year(Class XII)
No. of Online Practice Test 1 1
No. of Tests 14
Mode of Tests Online/Offline Online/Offline
Medium of Tests English English
Test Start Date Sept,2020 July,2021
Test End Date March,2021 April, 2022

Question Bank :

Year Syllabus Class XI & XII
Question Bank (QB) Yes (2nd Year : Class XII)
No. of Multiple Choice Questions 7918
Medium of Books English


• Comprehensive Study Package (CSP)

• All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS)

• Question Bank


Fee Structure

Registration Fee:

5570/- Including GST

Registration Fee:

4720/- Including GST

Total Fee:

13977/- Including GST

DLP Course Fees:

18513/- Including GST

Choose One

Disclaimer: No. of Tests/Books are subject to change as per the decision of the management.

Course/Test/Dispatch dates may vary as per schedule of exam conducting body.

Reviews and Ratings

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4 months ago swarnimgoyal04506 .

Very outstanding and excellent study material.
It is integrated for both competitive examination and boards. I'm very happy with this service.
I suggest that Aakash is far away better than Allen.
Swarnim Goyal


7 months ago Sangeeta Ray

Please send me the appropriate information about the examinations. The local centre has stopped to connect with me and I have not any information about the upcoming test


7 months ago Smital Desai

I am getting a chance to answer the AIATS
and improve my score.


7 months ago Rajshree Tewari

The dlp experience has been very satisfactory, providing students with ebooks during lockdown was a great initiative.


7 months ago Liveleen

It's a NYC experience .Learning well


7 months ago Alan Donald Aster A L

It's very nice ????


7 months ago Patil Uday

it is just fabulous expirence by taking DLP course . The test series of aakash makes you confident and aware about ur preparations .... level 1 and 2 makes u prepare from basics to expert level i am suggesting the others also to enroll...



DLP has been very helpful for NEET as well as Boards.


7 months ago Akash Mathad

Very Good


7 months ago Raghunath chatterjee

The agent who controls the whatsapp worthless fully....he did not give reply in any message...dkes not clear the problems....a worst..poor service...I want to know that what is the reason of this...If aakash pays no heed to the students problem after the full payment?.....hence study modules are good and qualititive...


7 months ago Divyansh Tyagi

Everything is alright except the Test facilities.
Besides with online test eg. AIATS after the test completion you must provide the hardcopy of the test paper as the printing facility available online on itutor website is horrendous as a single test paper comes in 100-120 pages as printout.And revising in form of pdf is not feasible as the answers are also marked in the test. And revising the tests online is again horrible as because the answers are also written over there.
Please provide us with the printouts of the previous AIATS or atleast their pdfs in the format given to the classroom students.
This may help us in revisions which is the core of studies.
Thank you.


7 months ago Marbinkupar Challam Phira

It has helped me to have a deeper understanding of the concepts . I hope it will help me clear NEET 2021!


7 months ago Anshuman Tripathy

Nice experience


7 months ago Athish

It was ok because faced issues with dispatch and customer service


7 months ago Debnayan Das

Very helpful...and provides a vast knowledge of everything


7 months ago Vaishalee Barman



7 months ago Biprajit Paul

Excellent study materials.But it would be better if the test papers of AIATS and online test could be downloaded.Also I hope that some revision materials would be given during the last few months.


7 months ago SHREYA.P

Good study meterials..
Good questions in test


7 months ago Parth

Very helpful


7 months ago Arijeet kumar

They are very basic pakage they do not provide lectures not they provide many tests and not the dpp's


7 months ago Subhajit Adhikary

Good.But I have not get any reply when I email aakash for mode of exam change ie from online to offline.I have already paid the charges but till now my mode has not changed..And tell me the schedule of class 12.When the exam will start?


7 months ago Debajyoti Biswas

All time my password is incorrect.So,I can't open my account


7 months ago Kaitav shah

It was really good



It was a great experience with Aakash DLP Course. Though i faced some minor issues sometimes but they were solved....


7 months ago Subhadeep Paul

Initially in class 11 the chapters were not seperately divided on the basis of boards and neet..but in class 12 it was well demarcated..ocerally nice


7 months ago Farhana Yasmin

This course is very much effective and it help me very much to solve problems.


7 months ago Hemanth

The session was good but conducting test are very less and the results are declared very late.kindly declare the test result early . Request you to take some revision session and some tips to crack the NEET exam.Also suggest you to take some session to choose best college and their admission process.Thank you.


7 months ago Soham Sinha



7 months ago Kratik agarwal

Good.. but should send more question papers.


7 months ago Sahina Parveen

I think that this dlp course I have taken really help me a lot but at the same time I want to suggest you to improve the quality of study material i.e to put more knowledge based concepts other than NCERT books. And also I think that you should arrange more part mock test rather than full mock test.


7 months ago Chandrima Mukherjee

I can't enter online tests.Please take necessary steps as soon as possible.


7 months ago Sougata Sarkar

Quite good


7 months ago Ishani Das

It's ok but no extra information is given in the books provided


7 months ago Manash Kumar Saha

Pros: Books quite good, Quite a lot of online exams taken during the lockdown period

Cons: Neglect for DLP students, If i miss any AIATS exam the question papers are not provided in the DLP exam centre later on, AIATS test analysis link never opens in mobile......only the score is sent by sms, The app and website for DLP students is worst, Quite expensive dlp in comparison to Allen and Fiitjee ......but i am sorry to say that Aakash is no compare to Allen in terms of DLP.

Conclusion: I am quite disappointed with AAKASH for their care towards DLP students and hope that my feedback brings about some change.


7 months ago Sharadha N M

It was good felt like the classroom session


7 months ago SAYAK BISWAS

Very Good


7 months ago Parigya chaudhary

It was average


7 months ago Sahina Parveen

Very nice. Is is more benefitted if complete video lecture provided in my login.


7 months ago Akashleena Dasgupta

I have improved a lot. Specifically the tests have got me better than ever.

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