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Two Years Comprehensive Joint Package Plus (CJP+) for JEE (Main) - XI Studying

Course Start & End Date

17 May, 2019 - 28 Feb, 2021

Course Structure for 2 Years
Products Medium Books Test Mode of Test No. of Dispatch
CSP English 36 13 Postal 11
AIATS English N/A 21 Online/Offline N/A
QUESTION BANK English 2 10 Online 2

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Comprehensive Study Package (CSP)

Year Syllabus 1st Year (Class XI) 2nd Year (Class XII)
Study Material* Yes Yes
No. of Dispatches 5 6
No. of Books* 18 18
Medium of Books English English
Dispatch Start Date 17th May, 2019 26th April, 2020
Dispatch End Date 17th December, 2019 08th December, 2020
No. of Tests* 4 9

All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS)

Year Syllabus 1st Year (Class IX) 2nd Year (Class X)
No. of Online Practice Test 1 1
No. of Tests 7 12
Mode of Tests Online/Offline Online/Offline
Medium of Tests English English
Test Start Date September, 2019 June, 2020
Test End Date March, 2020 April, 2021

Success Achiever (SA)

Year Syllabus 1st Year (Class XI) 2nd Year (Class XII)
Question Bank (QB)*


No. of Questions in QB 3516 (SA) 2927 (SA)
No. of Dispatches 1 1
Medium of Books English English
No. of Online Tests 6(SA) 4(SA)

Fee Structure

Registration Fee:

4720/- Including GST

DLP Course Fees:

11800/- Including GST

Total Fee:

10620/- Including GST

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Disclaimer: No. of Tests/Books are subject to change as per the decision of the management.

Course/Test/Dispatch dates may vary as per schedule of exam conducting body.

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